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  • The Inspiration For Disney’s Robin Hood Wasn’t Actually Robin Hood
    Andrew E. Larsen - An Historian Goes to the Movies,

    Andrew E. Larsen is an historian who specializes in Medieval England and blogs about pop culture and history at An Historian Goes to the Movies. In “Disney’s Robin Hood: A Bit More Medieval Than You Might Think,” Larsen explores the film’s true…

    This is a fascinating read if you like Robin Hood, and it’s Disnified version.

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  • 16 Pumpkin Spice Products That Don’t Exist And Should Never Exist

    Have we taken the Pumpkin Spice thing too far?

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  • Give me the small children and pets and everybody goes home happy.

  • One of the most amazing nuclear explosions ever recorded on film)

    Umm wait…. if any other country tried to test nuclear missles the worls would be all over them, including, us. How the heck is Russia getting away with this?

  • 20 Halloween Costumes That Will Destroy Your Childhood

    The only one of these I actually like is the Beetlejuice one. Oh and the Elmo one is just plane disturbing.

  • Like we needed even more proof of the dangers of space sex…. How many lizards must die in the name of space sex?!?!

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  • Day two of swing set repairs, and D1 is still going strong.

  • D1 operating power tools while working on the playset repairs. Girls can do anything.

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  • Driving home....

    • D2: The sun is a big flower with no step or leaves.
    • Dad: What about the moon? Is that a flower too?
    • D2: No that is a just a circle that stays in the night, and when the sun flower comes back up then we can play.
    • Dad: But sometimes the moon isn't a circle.
    • D2: I don't want to talk about this anymore.
    • (D2=34 months old)
  • 3 Things You Didn’t Know About the Mites That Live On Your Face

    Oh my daughter will love this bit of news…. *snicker* (evil dad)