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  • Like we needed even more proof of the dangers of space sex…. How many lizards must die in the name of space sex?!?!

  • Day two of swing set repairs, and D1 is still going strong.

  • D1 operating power tools while working on the playset repairs. Girls can do anything.

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  • Driving home....

    • D2: The sun is a big flower with no step or leaves.
    • Dad: What about the moon? Is that a flower too?
    • D2: No that is a just a circle that stays in the night, and when the sun flower comes back up then we can play.
    • Dad: But sometimes the moon isn't a circle.
    • D2: I don't want to talk about this anymore.
    • (D2=34 months old)
  • 3 Things You Didn’t Know About the Mites That Live On Your Face

    Oh my daughter will love this bit of news…. *snicker* (evil dad)
  • Unused bed colonized by giant horrifying wasp-nest




    Exterminator John Birkett found the bed in a house in Winchester, England, in a spare room that had not been entered for several months. The crocheted blanket was saved.

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    (via wilwheaton)

    • 1957
  • Everything You Need To Know About Keeping Your Food Fresh

    If only I had seen this before I tossed out the cheese last night… doh!
  • Exiting 104 #hyperlapse

  • Ridgeway rush hour #hyperlapse (at Sacred Heart Cathedral (Rochester, New York))

  • pnrshow:

    Good God, Someone’s Selling a 99-Pack of Beer $99 for $99 beers…. Yeah I’d buy it.

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  • Nice list, PNRShow didn’t make the cut but I am sure we are number 11 ;) I have listened to many of these and can agree. TMS and Coverville are both can’t miss shows.