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  • Sodastream Recipe: Sprite (attempt 1)

    Scored a SodaStream for Christmas, but wasn’t thrilled with the sample pack of flavors that came with it. Even after checking out SodaStream’s all natural line of syrups I still wasn’t thrilled. (they taste pretty good but are expensive)  So I started poking around online looking for recipes. After all the real fun of having your own soda maker is making your own concoctions, right?  

    I stumbled across aver cool blog with several home made recipes specifically for the SodaStream, She has several very cool looking gourmet soda recipes on her site, but my 8yo daughter wanted me to make Sprite. So…. Taking inspiration from formerchef’s recipes, this is our first attempt at a lemon lime soda syrup.

    - 2c sugar

    - 2c water

    - 1 lemon & lime of about the same size.

    Combine sugar and water in small/med pot and bring to a simmer over medium high heat, stiring until the sugar is dissolved (simple syrup)

    Next add in the juice of the lemon and lime, along with the peel of half the lemon and half the lime with as much of the white pith removed as possible (this proved difficult, I think next time we will just zest half a lemon and lime)

    Turn down heat to medium, and let simmer uncovered for 10 minutes.*

    Turn off heat and let steep while the syrup cools. Strain into glass container for storage. We were shooting for 2tbs of syrup per 12oz of carbonated water. And if you follow the above instructions you will end up with a weak lemon lime soda even with 4tbs of syrup in a 12oz of carbonated water.

    *So we returned the syrup to the stove for another 10 minutes of simmering to further reduce it. This yielded what I believe to be a pretty decent home made Sprite-ish soda although it still takes 4tbs of syrup per 12oz of SodaStream carbonated water to get there.

    I was honestly surprised how much like Sprite this recipe turned out. It’s not as cloyingly sweet as Sprite but to me that’s a good thing. I think next time I may replace a portion of the water with the lemon/lime juice instead of adding the juice to it. Also removing the pith from the peel was a real pia. So I think zest is the way to go.

    If you try this or have any experience making your own soda syrups please leave me a comment, or a suggestion.

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