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    Back Door

    This was the most viewed post on this site in 2012.  Considering that the post was broken I can only assume that the title triggered some, lets just call them inaccurate, google searches.   

    But I fixed the original post so it displays properly, and also decided to repost it here in all it full high resolution “Back door” glory.  

    As you may have noticed 2012 so the lowest number of posts to this site since it’s inception, and that’s because my photography in general suffered quite a bit this year.  

    I hope to change that in 2013.  I hope to be post images at least weekly in the next year, as well as revisiting some of my older work in an attempt to rekindle that  lost spirit.  

    Happy new year to my few loyal visitors  please be safe, and I hope you too find the time to do what you love this year.  


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